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What are the safe operating procedures for the screw heading machine

Aug 24, 2019

The screw heading machine belongs to the cold heading equipment, and its function is to punch one die and two punching products, mainly for the head forming of the screw products. The working principle is that the wire is straightened, incoming, cut, fed into the main mold, and a punch is forged. The second punch forming blank is withdrawn, and its work is completed in one go. The production capacity per minute can reach 200 or so. It belongs to the current advanced technology and can forge various metal materials: general steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel. And other materials, a wide range of uses. (Stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials can be heated to the temperature with a warmer before they can be upset.)

The working principle of the screw heading machine is that the two identical strands have the same shape of the same helix as the bolt thread, and the bolt blank between the two strands is threaded when the strands move relative to each other. The silk plate is processed once and again with a bolt thread. The speed is quite high. The wire is mostly used for small bolt processing. The wearing parts are definitely there, such as the clamp knife, the pressure roller, etc., which are often worn out, or The process needs to be replaced. Active parts, such as crankshafts, bushings, bushings, etc., can wear out due to prolonged movement. When the accuracy is not up to standard, they need to be replaced, but generally take longer. Inadequate care when adjusting the machine, or illegal operation, will also cause damage to the accessories.

The screw heading machine can manufacture common self-tapping screws, electrical screws, micro screws, inner and outer hex bolts, drill-tail screws, fiberboard screws and other common products. The structure and performance of the heading machine 1. The body is welded by the iron plate into a frame. Castings are made into three, inner parts are made of bearing steel, 40△ steel forged parts, CT12 materials, etc., mainly using friction plates to prevent rotation, the motor is 1.5KW-2.2KW, using oil pump to supply lubricating oil to the body, in circulation Work so that the parts inside the body are not easily damaged.