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What is the product specification of billet and its production line?

May 18, 2018

The other billet production line, its simple understanding, is a production line, so it will have this name. Mentioned this production line, so, if so, might as well to know about, so, also can let oneself to recognize it and understand, rather than a blank, don't know anything about it.

1. Blank in the billet production line, what does it mean?

The square billet in the billet production line is a kind of steel billet from a professional point of view. Therefore, it belongs to the type of billet. The steel billet, if it is classified according to its appearance, is the three kinds of slab, square billet and rectangular blank. Moreover, they are used for different purposes. Specifically, they are:

Slab: the ratio of the width and height of its section is relatively large, usually more than 3, mainly used for rolling plate.

Square billet: its section width and height are equal, or the difference is very small. It is used for rolling wire or section steel.

Rectangular blank: the ratio of the width and height of its section is between the billet and the slab.

2. Billet production line, the production of billet, what are the specifications?

Square billet production line, its production of billet, generally speaking, is to have a generous billet and small square billet these two kinds. For the generous blank, the upper limit of the section is 600 x 600, the lower limit is 200 x 200, the commonly used specification is 250 x 250, 450 x 450, 240 x 280 and 400 x 560. For the small square, the upper limit of its section is 180 x 180, the lower limit is 55 * 55, and its common specification is 90 x 90 and 160 x 160.

3. In the billet production line, is it possible to use a three-machine, three-flow billet continuous casting machine?

In this case, from a professional point of view, it is completely acceptable, and there is no problem with the use of the billet production line. And, this machine, in particular, is divided into three streams, so it is called three-machine three streams, and its product section shape is square, not other shapes.