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What is the workflow of the aluminum cutting machine

Aug 30, 2019

First, automatic feeding.

 The first step of cutting aluminum: the aluminum cutting machine refers to a 6-meter or 8-meter aluminum piece (workpiece) combined with aluminum cutting equipment, aluminum parts and equipment attached. There are a lot of cutting aluminum equipment that can't do this effectively, often just making a pallet and putting the whole bundle of aluminum on the shelf, but this can greatly facilitate the worker's loading. Some manufacturers have also developed a self-feeding feeding device. When the front aluminum piece is cut, the aluminum on the automatic feeding device is automatically fed to the aluminum cutting machine.

Second, clamp the workpiece (fixed).

 It refers to a process in which the aluminum cutting of the aluminum cutting machine fixes the aluminum during cutting. The firmness of the fixing directly affects the cutting precision and the life of the cutting tool (saw blade). Now our common fixing method is manual hand-held fixing. , automatic hydraulic clamping, pneumatic clamping, etc.

Third, the feeding process.

When the aluminum is finished feeding, the process of feeding after each section is cut, and the manual feeding is of course the hand feeding. The automatic feeding mode is motor, pneumatic, hydraulic, and is fed with a roller or a screw. .

Fourth, cut off automation.

 This is an essential element of the aluminum cutting machine. It is of course an automatic aluminum cutting machine that can not be said by hand. The process of feeding is the process of progressive cutting of the tool with the incision of the aluminum piece. The existing mechanical feeding machine has gears. Drive, pneumatic feed, hydraulic feed, etc.

Fifth, the automatic counting function of cutting workpiece.