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What needs to be done before operating the flat-end chamfering machine?

Dec 12, 2017

As a user, it is necessary to prepare for the operation of the flat-end chamfering machine. So do you know what does it include? In fact, before turning on the equipment, we need to check the specifications of the steel pipe and enter the pipe diameter on the display. At the same time, pay attention to checking whether the position of the flat-end chamfering machine tool holder and blade is applicable to the chamferred steel pipe.

In this process, especially in combination with the pipe diameter and wall thickness to set. Also pay attention to checking whether the inner burr of the steel pipe has been scraped off. In the actual operation of the flat-end chamfering machine, if using manual chamfering method, you must ensure that the manual chamfering is in manual mode, and the hydraulic station has been started, the feed motor has been enabled and returned to the origin.

In this mode of production, the first step is to run the step rate, so that the steel pipe is sent to the precision alignment chamfering roller. Then put down the alignment baffle of the flat-end chamfering machine, then the chamfering roller track inching forward, and send the steel pipe to the alignment baffle. Clamp the clamp, raise the alignment baffle, and turn on the chamfering spindle motor and the chip removal motor. The worker presses the automatic operation key, and the feed motor automatically completes chamfering.

In addition it can also be set in automatic chamfering production mode. If you want to keep the flat-end chamfering machine running properly, you need to meet these conditions: 1, The working mode must be automatic, and there is an indication on the display. 2. Stop the step rate in normal position and display it on the operating table by the indicator light. 3, The pressure switch is open, and it can be seen on the display screen; 4, Clamp opens, alignment baffle raises in place.

When the above conditions are confirmed in good condition, you can press the automatic operation button, the flat-end chamfering machine  will enter the automatic operation state. When you want to shut down the flat-end chamfering machine, you can press the automatic stop button when the steel pipe out of the clamp.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/