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Whether the billet finishing line inspection process is important and how to determine the length

Sep 27, 2018

Finishing line, if it is used on billet, it is a billet finishing line or a billet finishing line. Therefore, it should be known how to correctly and rationally use the billet finishing line to ensure the quality of billet finishing. As well as having a good finishing effect, at the same time, it is also possible to make full use of the billet finishing line to make the best use of materials and avoid waste.


1. Is it necessary to detect this process or step on the billet finishing line?

The billet finishing line needs to be inspected for this process or step, because the flaw can be used to check whether the billet has internal damage or defects, and some defects that are invisible to the naked eye, so as to solve and eliminate it in time. The finishing quality of the billet contributes to the direct use or subsequent processing of the product. In the type of flaw detection, there are magnetic powder flaw detection and ultrasonic flaw detection.


2. In addition to the billet finishing line, is there any other kind of finishing line?

There are many specific types of finishing lines, such as billet finishing lines, bar finishing lines, and some other types. Therefore, in addition to the billet finishing line, there are other types of finishing lines, which can be selected according to different materials to smoothly carry out the finishing work, and at the same time, different finishing materials are used to ensure different materials. Finishing effect.


3. On the billet finishing line, can it be fixed by some devices?

This requirement, from the current technology of the billet finishing line, is completely achievable, and it is not difficult to operate and carry out. As long as a shearing and sizing device or mechanism is added to the finishing line, the purpose can be achieved. Moreover, the device or mechanism can adjust the length of the fixed length, according to different processing requirements, to obtain a suitable size, and then smoothly carry out the subsequent finishing work of the billet.


4. How to deal with the unqualified materials in billet finishing? What is the main job of the baler and the pick-up trolley on the billet finishing line?

In the billet finishing, the material with unqualified quality is processed according to the specific conditions. If it is only a small part, it can be cut off, but if the area is large, the finishing processing cannot be performed, so as not to affect the square. The finishing quality of the billet. The baling machine on the billet finishing line is mainly used for compacting and weighing, and the pick-up trolley is used for winding, so that the finished product can be stacked.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/