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Whether the finishing of steel pipes is a comparison between finishing and finishing equipment

Aug 30, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is a type of equipment, and the main purpose of these equipments is to carry out finishing operations in order to improve the surface quality and performance of the steel pipe, thereby obtaining good use effect and good economic benefit, therefore, It is necessary to have an in-depth understanding and also know where to use steel pipe finishing equipment.


1. In steel pipe finishing equipment, is there a need for steel pipe length measuring/spraying equipment? And, is there a steel pipe cutter?

In the steel pipe finishing equipment, the steel pipe length measuring/spraying standard equipment will be used, mainly for measuring the length and spraying the steel pipe. Moreover, these two operations must be taken seriously and carried out, not sloppy and contemptible, so as not to get wrong results.


Steel pipe cutting machines are also used in steel pipe finishing, mainly using metal circular saws for sawing steel pipes. The device has the advantages of small incision, high work efficiency and basically no flashing after sawing, and can be used together with the fixed length machine to realize online automatic cut-off.


2. Bar finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing equipment, do they have the primary and secondary points on the equipment?

Bar finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing equipment, which are collectively used for finishing operations, so there are different types of equipment. In these devices, there are sub-devices, that is, they can be divided into two main categories: main equipment and auxiliary equipment. The main equipment is definitely used, and the auxiliary equipment is based on actual conditions. Use the requirements to decide whether to use.


3. Comparison of medium-finish finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing equipment

Medium-sized material finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing equipment, which belong to the same equipment. In the specific types of equipment, the medium-sized material finishing equipment has a cold bed, a straightening machine, a front roller table, a fixed-length saw, a fixed-size machine, and a middle Profile length automatic classification chain bed and automatic palletizers. The construction of steel pipe finishing equipment is the same as that of medium-sized finishing equipment, but there are some different equipments because the steel pipe is not a medium-sized material.


4. Is the finishing of the steel pipe surface a light ornament?

The finishing of the steel pipe surface is not a light decoration, because these two are not a concept, and the equipment used is different. The former is finishing equipment, and the latter is lighting equipment. If there are impurities such as rust or scale on the surface of the steel pipe, it is necessary to use a steel shot blasting machine to perform shot blasting to remove these impurities and extend the equipment used for the steel pipe. The steel pipe shot blasting machine belongs to the steel pipe finishing equipment.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/