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Whether the finishing size of square billet finishing line can be adjusted and its drying device

Nov 29, 2018

The square billet finishing line is used for various finishing processes of the blank for the billet to improve the surface properties and performance of the billet, and further, it can be facilitated for subsequent processing or direct use. Therefore, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of the square billet finishing line in order to achieve the purpose, so below, the learning work of the product is carried out, and the learning contents are as follows.


1. Is it necessary to improve and improve the square billet finishing line?

It is very necessary to improve and improve the square billet finishing line. From the current point of view, it is very necessary because the technology is constantly improving and developing. If this work is not carried out, it may make the finishing line process technology fall behind, and thus cannot Good quality billet and billet have good performance. Therefore, based on this, this work should be taken seriously and carried out to ensure the quality of work.


2. Can the shear of the billet size be adjusted on the square billet finishing line?

On the square billet finishing line, the shearing of the billet size can be appropriately adjusted according to the actual situation and the specific shearing requirements to meet the finishing size requirements, thereby ensuring the finishing quality and finishing of the billet. effect. In terms of adjustment, different methods can be used to achieve the purpose, and in operation, a suitable shearing device or device can be selected according to the cutting mode.


3. In the high-speed wire workshop, is there a finishing line and finishing work?

In the high-speed wire workshop, there may be finishing lines and corresponding finishing work, but in the specific type of finishing line, it may not be a square billet finishing line but other finishing lines, such as wire finishing lines, so Attention should be paid to this point. It cannot be generalized and should be decided by specific circumstances.


4. Billet, if it is a plate, can the square billet finishing line be used? In addition, is there a drying device on the square billet finishing line?

Billet, if it is a medium-thick plate, it can also use the square billet finishing line. Because the square billet finishing line can be used for finishing various billets, this conclusion can be made. On the square billet finishing line, there may be a drying device, but it is not a necessary device, and it is decided whether to use it according to the finishing needs. The function of this device is to dry the surface of the billet, and has the advantages of simple structure, simple use and good use effect, which can completely remove the moisture on the surface of the billet and avoid the problem of rust corrosion of the billet.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/