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Whether the properties of steel pipe finishing equipment and stainless steel pipe inspection are important

Nov 13, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, as the name implies, refers to all the equipment used for steel pipe finishing operations. However, it is necessary to operate correctly and standardize to ensure that the steel pipe has good finishing quality and finishing effect, and below, The learning of such equipment is carried out to achieve this purpose.


1. Steel pipe finishing equipment, is it a sheet or pipe finishing equipment? Can it be automated?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, from a professional point of view, it belongs to pipe finishing equipment rather than sheet finishing equipment, because steel pipe is one of the pipes, not a plate. Whether the steel pipe finishing equipment can be automated, from the current technical point of view, this is completely possible without any problems and technical difficulties. In addition, the steel pipe finishing equipment adopts the operation mode of automation, which can improve the working efficiency of the equipment.


2. Which is important for steel pipe finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing line?

Steel pipe finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing line, these are two different concepts, so they are not comparable. Furthermore, it cannot be said which one is more important. The former is equipment and the latter is the production line used for finishing operations. . Moreover, from a professional point of view, steel pipe finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing line are very important. For the finishing of steel pipe, which one to choose depends on the actual situation and the use requirements. In addition, in steel pipe finishing equipment, steel pipe chamfering machine, steel pipe cutting machine and steel pipe inner hole ash removal equipment are very common equipment.


3. Is it possible to use steel pipe finishing equipment on the cross shear production line?

In the cross-cutting production line, some finishing equipment can be used, but it is not necessarily a steel pipe finishing equipment. It may be other finishing equipment. Because it is not necessarily the operation of cutting the steel pipe, it will be A conclusion. Moreover, it is necessary to analyze the composition and operation principle of the finishing equipment to know how to use it correctly on the cross shear production line.


4. Does the inspection of stainless steel pipes pay attention to it?

Stainless steel pipe, which is a specific type of steel pipe, so it can be used for finishing operations using steel pipe finishing equipment. One of the important aspects of this work is the quality control of stainless steel pipe, which is reflected in the quality. Detection. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality inspection of stainless steel pipes, which are generally carried out by non-destructive testing. The equipment used is a non-destructive flaw detector and the results are digitized so that the computer can process the storage to ensure accurate results.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/