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Whether the square billet production line can produce mechanical blank and steel billets?

Dec 20, 2017

Square billet production line, as the name implies, refers to the production line of the finished product of billet, and it is also worth to be familiar with and understanding. Because only in this way can it be correct and reasonable in practical application, which to reflect the role and value, let users benefit.

1.Is it possible to use a square billet production line for mechanical blank?

Mechanical blanks, which can be produced by a square billet production line, and in the way and in the form of manufacturing, it is not single and can be selected. Besides, different manufacturing methods can get different products, such as casting, mainly for large or complex structural parts. And forged, it is for small and medium parts.

2.Billet continuous caster on the square billet production line, what specific aspects should it be paid attention to?

Billet continuous casting machine on the square billet production line, it should pay attention to, mainly for the specific aspects of the fluxion, because this is an important aspect, which will affect the continuous casting result and production quality of the continuous casting machine. So, we should pay more attention to it. Moreover, the fluxion of billet caster is a little more when compared with the slab.

3.Whether the section shape of billet continuous caster products is square? In addition, can the square billet production line produce steel billet?

Generally speaking, the casting machine is divided into big bag and middle bag, and the big bag is on the middle bag. And, if the casting machine is divided into three streams, it is the three machine and three flow. The section shape of blank casting machine is square, so they can be called billet machines. And there is a big billet and a small billet.

Steel billet can be said to be one of the square billets, because if the billet material is steel, this kind of billet can be called steel billet. Moreover, the steel billet can be obtained through the square billet production line, and there are other processes or methods of production. As for how to choose, it is determined by the two aspects of the actual situation and the demand.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/