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Whether the Square round billet grinding machine can be automated and its dust removal method

Jul 21, 2018

The round billet grinding machine, which is one of the grinding machines, is for billet and round billet materials, so these materials are simply referred to as square billets, and this type of grinder is called a square circle. The blank grinding machine allows everyone to have an intuitive understanding and understanding. And then, on this basis, continue to understand in depth, to achieve the correct use and rational use of the device to reflect its use value.


1. Square round blank grinding machine, which can eliminate the defects of materials? What are the dust removal methods?

The round billet grinder is a grinder that can be used to eliminate defects such as micro cracks and surface scales of materials. Therefore, full stripping can be used. In this type of grinding machine, in the dust removal mode, the sinking pulse filter cartridge dust collector device is generally used to control the dust emission concentration within a certain range to avoid polluting the environment.


2. Round billet grinding machine, can it be automated?

The square round blank grinding machine, if it is a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, lubrication and electrical technologies, can use PLC technology to automatically control the PLC program to improve the working efficiency and use effect of the equipment. Moreover, in this type of grinding machine, it can also be equipped with a manual operation function, and can be manually operated in the event of a power outage or the like.


3. Rotary grinding machine, which is a round billet grinding machine?

A rotary dressing machine, which is one of the grinding machines, performs a grinding operation by performing a spiral belt motion on the surface of the material by a grinding wheel. Therefore, the rotation in the rotary dresser refers to the working mode of the dresser. If the material is a round billet, then the grinder can be a round billet grinder and also has a grinding quality. Good, high efficiency and low loss.


4. What can be used to improve the automation level of the round billet grinding machine?

In order to improve the automation level of the round blank grinding machine, it is necessary to carry out in-depth research on the mechanism and control method of the grinding machine to improve its processing technology. In addition, the S7-300 programmable controller and ABB inverter can be used in the control system of the dresser to ensure the automatic operation and operation of the device.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/