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Whether the steel pipe finishing equipment size steel pipe is suitable for comparison with the mold

Nov 20, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is a type of equipment for finishing steel pipes, is collectively referred to as steel pipe finishing equipment, and the following is the learning and understanding of such equipment, so that it can be properly used and rationally utilized. Let the steel pipe have good finishing quality and finishing effect.


1. Are steel pipe finishing equipment suitable for small diameter and large diameter steel pipes?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is made of various steel pipes, also includes small-diameter and large-diameter steel pipes, so there is no doubt that the answer to this question is yes. Moreover, in the finishing of small-diameter steel pipes, a small-diameter steel pipe inner wall finishing machine can be used, and the inner wall of the small-diameter steel pipe can be finished, and the small-diameter steel pipe can be adaptively processed to ensure the finishing quality and finishing. effect.


2. Is the finishing of hot-rolled steel pipe before hot rolling of steel pipe or after hot rolling of steel pipe?

For the finishing operation of hot-rolled steel pipes, steel pipe finishing equipment is also used, and the basic production process of the whole steel pipe is for the billet-heating-perforating-rolling-finishing-inspection-packaging. Therefore, from the perspective of its production process, the finishing operation is after the hot rolling of the steel pipe, not before the hot rolling of the steel pipe. At this point, you must have a correct understanding to avoid mistakes in the operational process.


3. For steel pipes of different specifications, is the mold used when using steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipes, which are available in different sizes, are used in finishing operations using steel pipe finishing equipment and, if necessary, molds are used to assist in the finishing of the steel tubes. For different steel pipes, the molds used will be different. Because the steel pipes of different specifications are finished, the cavity structure of the molds is different. Different molds are used, so it can be said that different specifications of steel pipes correspond to different molds. Not all use the same mold.


4. In the production process of cold drawn seamless steel pipe, is there a finishing process?

The production process of the cold drawn seamless steel pipe is specifically: blank preparation - pickling lubrication - cold drawing - heat treatment - straightening - finishing - inspection - packaging into the warehouse. Therefore, it is a process of finishing, and further, steel pipe finishing equipment is used because the seamless steel pipe is one of the steel pipes. Moreover, a seamless steel pipe production line can also be used, and a steel pipe finishing device can also be used on the production line for finishing operations.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/