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Which equipment is often used in steel pipe finishing equipment?

Aug 07, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is the equipment used for finishing the steel pipe, is referred to as steel pipe finishing equipment. Since the steel pipe finishing equipment is mentioned, and it is mainly used in the production and manufacture of steel pipes, in the following, in-depth study of such equipment will be carried out to achieve the purpose of correct and standardized operation.


One of the steel pipe finishing equipment: steel pipe inner hole blowing and ash suction equipment

The inner tube blown and sucked ash equipment is mainly used for soot blowing and sucking work on the inner wall of the heat-treated steel pipe to completely remove the dust on the inner wall of the steel pipe. The equipment is constructed with a receiving gantry, a material picking mechanism, a soot blower, a dust removal system, a hydraulic valve table, and pneumatic and electrical systems.


Steel pipe finishing equipment 2: steel pipe diameter testing equipment

The main purpose of the steel pipe diameter detecting equipment is to transport the straightened steel pipes to the No. 1 band saw for flat head sawing. The No. 2 band saw is for fixed length sawing and will be in the path working position. There is a bobbin diameter, and then the steel pipe is fed into the vortex roller by the cooperation action of the tail baffle wall and the flap of the unloading gantry. In terms of composition, there are a flat support mechanism, a storage rack, a flat roller table, a opening and closing stand, a path station and a cutting platform, and the operation mode of the flat support mechanism is automatic operation, and the rest The device or component is manually operated.


Steel pipe finishing equipment three: steel pipe cutting machine

The main purpose of the steel pipe cutting machine is to cut the end of the steel pipe, and it can also be used together with some auxiliary machines to cut the steel pipe. This machine, which has some structural features, is:

The clamping, cutting, feeding and spindle rotation of the steel pipe cutting machine and the brakes are all hydraulically driven, and the electronic control system is controlled by PLC. Therefore, semi-automatic or automatic cycle can be performed, and each action can be single-acting.


Steel pipe cutting machine, which also has corresponding technical parameters, specifically:

Spindle center to ground height

Spindle center to ground height: 1200mm

Spindle speed: AC stepless speed regulation

Spindle speed range: when the frequency is 30-60HZ, it is 170-340r/min

Feed stroke: upper limit up to 80mm

Tool holder feed speed: upper limit is 50mm/min, lower limit is 100mm/min

Feed pulse equivalent: 0.5mm / pulse

Diameter of the knife circle: φ180

Measuring length of the knife: 200mm