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Which operations in the billet finishing line have sequential and shearing operations

Oct 08, 2018

Finishing line, if the finishing object is a billet of billet, then this kind of finishing line can be called billet finishing line, and to some extent, it needs to have a comprehensive understanding and deepening. Understand, because its operation is correct or not, it will affect the subsequent processing or direct utilization of billet. In the following, in response to the above requirements, the learning work of the billet finishing line is carried out.


1. The billet finishing line is purchased on the industry website. Do you need to know the contact information of the manufacturer?

For the purchase of billet finishing line, it is possible to have different purchasing routes. If you purchase this product on the industry website, you need to know the specific information of the product and the manufacturer, such as product image data, product price and product. Origin and so on. Moreover, you need to know the contact information of the manufacturer, so you can conduct telephone consultation and help you choose the right product to get good economic benefits, in the use of billet finishing line.


2. In the billet finishing line, trimming and straightening operations, which one is done first?

Billet finishing line, which is used for various finishing operations, such as cutting, cutting, trimming, straightening and flattening, through the finishing of the billet to improve the quality and performance of the billet. Some of these processes are sequential, for trimming and straightening. Usually, the trimming is performed first and then straightened. If there are special circumstances, it is additionally considered.


3. Is the cutting material in the billet finishing line important?

The shearing or shearing process in a billet finishing line is generally divided into two steps, in which the blade is pressed into the metal and the metal slips until it breaks. In the press-in metal of the blade, it includes two types of elastic press-in and plastic press-in. The material of the blade is very important and critical from a professional point of view, because if the blade material is not selected correctly, it will affect the cutting quality and shearing effect. Therefore, according to the cutting requirements and the guarantee of the cutting quality, the appropriate blade material should be selected to ensure a good shearing effect.


4. Automatic alignment system, can it be used on billet finishing line?

The automatic alignment system, which can be used on the billet finishing line, has no problems in use. After using this system on the finishing line, automatic centering can be used instead of manual manual alignment to improve work efficiency and work quality, avoiding various problems, and further, smoothing of billet finishing work can be ensured.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/