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Which products must use the finishing equipment and how the composite steel pipe finish?

Nov 16, 2017

Steel pipe finishing equipment is a kind of equipment which is used for the finishing of steel pipe. So, for this kind of equipment, we should master its relevant knowledge content, so as to achieve the correct use and reasonable utilization of the equipment, and then obtain good finishing effect on the steel pipe for subsequent operation or direct use.

1. Do the precision steel tube and seamless steel pipe both need to use the steel pipe finishing equipment?

Precision steel tube and seamless steel tube are two concrete types of steel pipes. They are required to use the steel pipe finishing equipment during the manufacturing process. If the steel pipe finishing equipment is not used, then the quality products cannot be obtained.

2. Between the production and manufacture of bar and tube, which uses the steel pipe finishing equipment more?

During the production and manufacture process of the bars and tubular products, the finishing equipment is used for finishing, in order to ensure the quality of the products and to have good use effect. However, in contrast, the finishing equipment uses more tubular products because of the specific type of steel pipe. The finishing of steel pipe is carried out by using steel pipe finishing equipment.

3. Specific types of finishing equipment for steel pipe in composite steel pipe and production process of high pressure pipe

The production process of the composite steel pipe contains the finishing process, so the steel pipe finishing equipment will be used. And the specific type of equipment is the finishing machine. In addition to finishing equipment, there will be other equipment, such as the pipe mill, piping machine, compound machine and some solid solution and deactivation equipment to facilitate the production of composite steel pipe.

The concrete production process of the high pressure tube is: Tube billet heating - piercing of tube blank - steel tube elongation - high pressure pipe rolling - steel pipe sizing and reducing - steel pipe cooling and finishing - inspection - packing. Because of the step or process of finishing, the steel pipe finishing equipment is used.