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Which steel pipe finishing equipment is included and whether cold rolling of steel pipe is needed

Jul 13, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment is a series of finishing equipments for steel pipes. Through these equipments, steel pipe finishing operations are carried out, and then the steel pipe has a good finishing effect and improves its performance. Therefore, this is an important type of equipment. In terms of steel pipes, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding in order to operate properly.


1. Is there any cross-cutting equipment in steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is used to carry out pipe finishing operations, and cross-cutting and shearing equipment, is used for cross-cutting or slitting, so this is two different equipment, not inclusive relationship, that is, steel pipe finishing The device does not include crossbar and shear devices because they are two separate devices.


2. After finishing of steel, is it related to steel pipe finishing equipment?

The finishing of steel products is related to steel pipe finishing equipment and has a lot to do with it. Because the equipment used for the finishing of steel products contains the steel pipe finishing equipment, it will be This conclusion. In addition, in addition to the steel pipe finishing equipment, the finishing of the steel also includes the finishing equipment for other steel materials, which will also be used.


3. Cold rolling steel pipe, finishing equipment is necessary?

Cold rolling of steel tubes, from a professional point of view, is a hot-rolled steel tube as a raw material, and phosphorus removal and other operations before cold rolling, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the surface of the cold-rolled steel tube. In the production process, there is a finishing process, so it will use some finishing equipment to complete, that is, will use the steel pipe finishing equipment.


4. After seamless steel pipe is formed once, is it necessary to perform roll pressing, welding and finishing?

Seamless steel tubes, which are all formed at one time, have no welds on their inner and outer surfaces. After it is molded, it needs to be finished, but it does not need to perform two operations such as crimping and welding. The main purpose of finishing the seamless steel pipe is to improve the surface performance and use effect of the seamless steel pipe. Therefore, some steel pipe finishing equipment will be used.