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Will the wheel dresser and inspection line be used for the Square Billet finishing line

Aug 29, 2018

The Square Billet finishing line, although only five words, has a lot of professional knowledge, so it needs to be taken seriously and learned and mastered, and to the full extent, so that the Square Billet finishing can be used correctly. The line also allows the Square Billet to have good finishing quality and finishing effects, rather than affecting the finishing effect of the product or the normal operation of the finishing line due to misuse.


1. Want to get high quality Square Billet, is it related to Square Billet finishing line?

Wanting to obtain high-quality Square Billet is related to the Square Billet finishing line. From a professional point of view, and there is a big relationship between the two, because if the Square Billet finishing line is used improperly or has errors. If it is operated, it will seriously affect the finishing quality of the Square Billet. Furthermore, high-quality Square Billet can not be obtained to have good performance and use effect. Therefore, we should pay attention to the Square Billet finishing line and correctly regulate the operation so that we can achieve the goal.


2. Is it possible to use a grinding wheel grinder as a grinding machine on the Square Billet finishing line?

The Square Billet finishing line will be used in Square Billet finishing equipment, one of which is for the grinding machine, and in the specific type of grinding machine, the grinding wheel grinding machine can be used. The machine can have a good grinding effect, mainly to repair the surface defects of the Square Billet, to prevent the Square Billet from appearing in the subsequent process, or to affect the smooth progress of the Square Billet finishing.


3. Does the production process of Square Billet finishing line differ for different materials?

The production process of Square Billet finishing line will be different for different materials, and this is certain, because Square Billet can be reclassified and divided into Square Billet, bloom, etc., so the Square Billet is different in specifications. The production process of the size and Square Billet finishing line will be appropriately adjusted to ensure the finishing quality and finishing effect of the product. However, the overall production process is the same, there is no big difference, there will be differences in some details.


4. What are the large parts of the Square Billet finishing line? Will it use the inspection line?

The Square Billet finishing line can be divided into two large parts of grinding and inspection, so there are two corresponding grinding lines and inspection lines. The inspection line is mainly to check the degree of bending of the Square Billet to determine whether to use the straightening machine for inspection, and to check the surface and interior of the Square Billet, whether there is rust or scale on the surface of the Square Billet, and whether there is a defect inside the Square Billet. If there are, some effective measures can be taken to solve the problem, so as not to affect the quality of the finished product.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/