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Working principle of broken shrinkage combined sample preparation machine

May 13, 2019

 The first-stage crushing system of the crushing and shrinking combined sample preparation machine is hammer-type crushing. The slam-type crushing principle is adopted. When the material enters the crusher, it is subjected to the centrifugal force of the crushing hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor, so that it obtains certain kinetic energy, materials and The inner walls of the chamber collide with each other, friction, and then pass through the sieve plate to enter the shrinkage system. The secondary crushing system is composed of a two-roll crusher. When the primary coal shrinking system shrinks out, the coal sample enters the machine to form a secondary crushing. The secondary crushing is mainly composed of a base, a roll and a safety spring. During operation, the motor is rotated in the opposite direction by the V-belt wheel and the gear rotating two rolls to crush the material. The roll gap can be appropriately adjusted within the specified range to control the size of the discharge.

       The first-stage shrinkage system is composed of a certain proportion of adjustable trough sampler. After the first-stage crushed coal sample is reduced by the first-stage shrinkage system, a small part enters the secondary crushing system, and the second-stage shrinkage system It is composed of a quadruple. After the second-stage crushing and shrinking, the analysis sample and the coal sample are obtained. The three-stage reduction system is connected in series with the first-order reducer to obtain the full-water coal sample and the discarded sample. A reject sample delivery system can be installed, and the sample is output outside the wall. The retracting device reciprocates in a horizontal direction to cut the material, and the trough is discharged in two directions to further divide the cutting material. Some are charged and some are discarded. In this way, a number of points are regularly used to reach different parts of the material, so that the sample taken can represent all the materials fed into the machine.www.chamferingmachinechina.com