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Automatic Grinding Machine Which Features And Precautions?

Dec 29, 2017

In particular, a mill, which refers to a device for grinding the surface of a workpiece with an abrasive tool, is generally used as a lapping tool for coating or embedding an abrasive. Therefore, the role of the machine equipment is to grind this one, if it is fully automatic in operation, then this kind of grinder can be called a fully automatic grinder. So, it's in this broad category of mills.


What is a fully automatic grinding machine?

Automatic grinding machine, which is a grinder, but also, is a common and commonly used species. Its key and important part is for the control system, is the PLC as the core control, and the use of man-machine dialogue interface of this control method to carry out equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, etc., thus, to simplify the operation process, And improve equipment efficiency.


2. Automatic grinding machine features

(1) fully automatic grinding machine, which in the grinding speed is relatively high, so it can be called high-speed grinding machine. In the rail, the use of linear guide, so that the equipment has a good effect.

(2) Squeegee grinding machine, is the use of a lock design, to be able to adjust the deformation squeegee, and to ensure that the grinding machine grinding quality.

(3) A special design is used on this part of the grinding wheel to ensure accurate grinding and to avoid some grinding problems. In addition, the automatic grinding machine, also installed a dust-cleaning device, to reduce equipment pollution and ensure the use of equipment and service life.

(4) The grinder operation is simple and convenient, so the operator is not very demanding, there is no professional knowledge, after a simple training, but also to operate and use.


3. Automatic grinding machine precautions

Tooth clearance: It is one of the important parameters of the gear drive, and there are regulations. In general, the size of the cone is 7.5-8.5mm. However, in practical work, taking into account the actual use, its range is changed, is 8.5-10mm, so that it can reduce the impact caused by addendum clearance, and to avoid the problem of gear overload or breakage .

Spindle bearings need to be fully lubricated: Spindle bearings, which require full lubrication, because the only way to ensure smooth operation of the grinder. And, it is necessary to mechanical timing and scientific quantitative lubricant replenishment, in order to ensure the proper automatic grinding machine bearings lubrication, thus, to extend the service life of equipment.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/