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Correct Operation Of Chamfering Machine

Apr 22, 2017

Chamfering machine is a special tool for chamfering the groove of the pipe or plate before welding.

First, the non staff shall not be allowed to enter the work area.

Two, chamfering machine work, in case of emergency should immediately turn off the main power switch. Turn off the power after the operation: turn off the chamfering wheel and turn off the power switch of the device.

Three, the prohibition of arbitrary random pull wire, switch socket must be on the wall. To prevent water splashing on the power supply when cleaning or cleaning the equipment.

Four, power: to maintain the integrity of the switch.

Power on: connect the external power supply, open the power supply switch of the equipment and the power supply start switch.

Five, the ground clean and tidy, not misplacing items, before the end of the day, remember to turn off the water, electricity and gas "total switch.

Six, chamfering machine automatic work, prohibit open the protective cover, the head into the protective cover. Semi automatic work, you must first press the pause button, the working arm fully lifted and then take the piece, to avoid the work of the hand injury.

Seven, to replace the chamfer sand wheel and waterproof window, you must stop the chamfering wheel rotation, to avoid accidents. Non workers to open the protective cover to replace the chamfering wheel.

Eight, fire equipment placed in a reasonable position, the staff must master the operation method, regular maintenance and inspection.