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Domestic Steel Mills Have Taken Many Measures To Reduce Costs And Increase Efficiency

Sep 21, 2019

Faced with the grim situation in the steel market, domestic steel mills have taken a number of measures to effectively reduce the cost and efficiency, in order to cope with the market downturn and achieved considerable results.

Baosteel Luojing Iron and Steel Plant taps potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency

From January to October 2011, Baosteel Co., Ltd. (600019, shares it) ironmaking plant Luojing iron and steel plant implemented 21 projects, resulting in a profit of 69.53 million yuan, two months ahead of the year to complete the goal of reducing costs and efficiency.

In 2011, Baosteel Ironmaking Plant Luojing Iron and Steel Plant focused on reducing consumption, improving costs, stabilizing production, and continuously optimizing indicators, combining annual cost budget and COREX R&D platform objectives, and decomposing through indicators to develop full, comprehensive and comprehensive The process of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, solidification and cost reduction measures, further implementation of process benchmarking management, improve the benchmarks and benchmarks of COREX processes, and solidify the cost management basis of ironmaking. On the basis of management cost reduction, we will continue to seek technological breakthroughs, carry out trials of new coal types and new minerals, and reduce the cost of raw fuel.

Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. cold-rolling plant deepens potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency by more than 90 million yuan in November

Faced with the arrival of the meager profit era in the steel industry, Angang Steel's cold rolling mill fully exploited the multi-line advantage of a plant and tapped the potential for cost reduction in production and operation. In the first 11 months of this year, it achieved a cost reduction of RMB 9.77 million.

In terms of the cost of compressing raw materials, the plant has realized the one-side trimming of JD plates and the coordinated use of transition materials for continuous units in the past year to improve the yield. From January to November, the comprehensive planting rate of the whole plant increased by 0.1%, the comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 0.55kgce/t, and the hourly flow of demineralized water decreased by 29.8, which was the best level in history. Along with the smooth operation of the wastewater reuse project of Line 2 and Line 4, the plant accelerated the implementation of the cooling water consumption reduction measures for the No. 1 line air compressor station. At present, the new water consumption of the plant has been reduced by 20%.

Shandong Steel Group Jigang's six-step music fully promotes cost reduction and efficiency

Shandong Steel Group Jigang's six-step music is fully committed to reducing costs and increasing efficiency: First, firmly adhere to the low-cost, low-grade, low-inventory three-low economic material structure, and strive to achieve the goal of lowering ironmaking costs than the industry average cost. The second is to further strengthen the procurement and sales of both ends of the cost reduction and efficiency work, especially to strictly control the quality and measurement of raw fuel procurement, and establish a quality early warning and control mechanism. The third is to further strengthen management and plug the loopholes. The fourth is to give full play to the ingenuity of scientific and technological personnel and the majority of employees, and vigorously promote technological innovation in cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Fifth, continue to deepen the study of counterparts and benchmarking activities. In contrast to the lack of advanced search, Li said to improve the work. The sixth is to establish a responsibility system for cost reduction and efficiency improvement from the company's management to the frontline employees, and strictly reward and punish, form a layer of responsibility, and work at a pressure level.

Shougang Changgang Co., Ltd. grasps the effect of reducing the cost and increasing the market to the downturn

Shougang Changgang took a number of measures to effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency. From January to November, Shougang Changgang's comparable product reduction rate was 2.56, a total reduction of 226.35 million yuan, a decrease of 91.2 million yuan over the plan. There are 48 units that have exceeded their tasks, and some indicators have been significantly improved in the industry. The manufacturing cost of metallurgical coke was moved from the 31st in 2010 to the 26th; the manufacturing cost of steelmaking pig iron was moved from 51 in the previous year to 46th; the purchasing cost of coking coal was ranked 14th in the previous year. Moved to the 9th position; the imported mine moved from the 33rd place in the previous year to the 24th place; the injection coal ratio moved from the 26th place in the previous year to the 18th place. According to preliminary statistics, it is estimated that the annual product cost reduction rate will be 2.56, and the total reduction will be 246 million yuan.

Wine and steel indicators progress to tap potential and increase efficiency

In 2011, Jiuquan Steelmaking and Rolling Mill promoted the optimization of indicators with scientific and technological progress, achieved potential optimization by optimizing the indicators, and received good results. In the first 11 months of this year, the total reduction cost of the Jiugang Steelmaking Plant was 117 million yuan, of which converter steel The cost was reduced by 83.08 million yuan compared with the plan, the cost of wire rods was reduced by 12.16 million yuan, and the cost of sheet metal was reduced by 22.08 million yuan.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/