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Flat Head Chamfering Machine Design Requirements And Parameters

Jan 22, 2018

As a dedicated device for deburring steel pipe, the quality of the steel pipe should be able to meet the standards required for practical use after the use of a flat-head chamfering machine. That is, after the chamfering machine completes the chamfering process, the steel pipe ends should be straight and free from burrs. While the outer diameter of not more than 220 mm steel cutting oblique F shall not exceed one millimeter.


Not only that, in the use of flat-head chamfering machine, for some wall thickness of 3.2 mm above the steel, the surface should be grooved, and bevel angle should be maintained between 30 to 35 degrees, the width of the blunt should be Keep within 1.6 mm ± 0.8 mm. During machining or grinding of the inner surface of the pipe, the inner cone angle is measured from the axis of the pipe and the result must not exceed the specified value.


Of course, different equipment used in different work specifications. For example, a fully automatic flat-head chamfering machine is actually applied to the finishing line of a rolling pipe mill. The utility model mainly performs the flat end face and the groove processing on the steel pipe end face whose wall thickness is more than 3.2 millimeters. Then this time to pay attention to the equipment should meet the following criteria:


1, the automatic flat head chamfering machine equipment for steel pipe after treatment, the pipe end to maintain straight, and does not contain burrs, pipe end face of good quality;


2, the use of fully automatic flat head chamfering machine equipment processing, the steel pipe cutting parts should be kept smooth and flat;


3, in the process of automatic flat head chamfering machine processing, will not cause adverse effects on the steel pipe itself. And its production capacity should reach 15 to 110 per hour. At the same time should also be configured for automatic flat-head chamfering machine security measures to prevent accidental damage to the equipmenthttp://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/