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Handling Precautions Of Power On And De-electrification Of The Chamfering Machine

Dec 05, 2017

In order to ensure the normal operation of the chamfering machine, and to ensure the safety of the staff and equipment, operators must be familiar with, and skilled in the correct operation of the equipment. At the same time, in the actual operation of the chamfering machine, the operators should consciously observe the correct operating procedures, so as to avoid personal injury or equipment damage.

In addition, before turning on the chamfering machine, there should be no maintenance personnel or irrelevant personnel around to avoid accidents. Also pay attention to checking whether the chamfering ttool apron and the blade should be fixed well, the blade has no abnormal problems, and timely fastening screws. If the blade wear is found serious, it should be replaced in time. Also pay attention to check whether the hydraulic station and the lubrication pump level is normal. If necessary, timely replenish the oil liquid.

The power on operation of the chamfering machine

Usually, the total power supply air switch of the equipment is set in the electronic control room. Remember, it must be operated by the professional electric personnel. In the electrifying process, only the green switching in button on the electric control cabinet panel is required to press, and then the switching in indicator light is on, which means that the power has been on. If the indicator lamp is not bright, the power should be cut off and the cause should be identified in time, and the targeted measures should be taken to restore it to normal.

In order to ensure safety, the total power supply air switch of the chamfering machine should be kept in the switching in state. And generally only when the device fails, or other special circumstances occur, it will disconnect. At the time of production, the operator should electrify the equipment through the key switch on the main operating platform. The power on of the whole equipment will take about 1 minute.

The de-electrification operation of the chamfering machine

Before operation, the staff needs to check and confirm that the equipment has been in the state of shutdown, and then turn the key switch, that is, the interruption of power supply can be realized. If the total power supply air switch is required to be cut off, it should be performed by the professional electrical personnel.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/