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How To Protect The Industrial Ironing Machine

Apr 22, 2017

Washing can not be separated from the water to help, for this, store a variety of washing equipment in the laundry will inevitably be damp. Industrial ironing machine as a washing device in the "big man", the machine itself needs to do moisture-proof work.

Industrial ironing machine affected by the tide

Long time to place the industrial ironing machine in a humid environment, will make the machine internal parts because of the role of moisture and air rust, shorten the ironing machine life. In addition, the damp environment is easy to breed a variety of bacteria, if these bacteria spread to the industrial ironing machine, it is easy to ironing the clothing caused by secondary pollution problems, for this, ironing machine moisture work to be done! So, in a humid environment, how to do a good job of industrial ironing machine moisture work?

The method of moisture leveling in industrial ironing machine

Yahua washing equipment experts advise everyone in the prevention of industrial ironing machine, first of all now under the machine tile a layer of wood, so that the ironing machine chassis vacant, do not touch the wet ground, and to keep the air flow, Contact with water. In addition, usually to the main disinfection work, which can reduce the bacteria on the clothing pollution.

The daily cleaning of the laundry needs to be done

In order to extend the service life of industrial ironing machine and other washing equipment, to ensure the quality of washing clothes, laundry clean and dry work must be done. To this end, Yahua washing equipment experts recommend that everyone in the washing after the end of the clothing, the need for laundry and a variety of washing equipment clean, and to do regular disinfection work to ensure smooth laundry, to be dry.