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Industrial Ironing Machine Intelligent And Warm-up Time And Qualified Inspection

Apr 22, 2017

On the ironing machine of the intelligent point of view, the main operation and accident handling on the intelligent. During which the operation of the intelligent piece of this, Shanghai power that the future of the ironing machine will be changed at this stage to be more people at the same time the operation of the trouble. So as to achieve the role of collaboration with the washing machine to reach the cloth washed directly into the ironing machine into the ironing and follow-up of the folding treatment, in and out of ironing convenience at the same time, on the ironing speed of the machine, the temperature also Can be intelligent, which can be based on the nature of cloth and wet dry degree of active set and adjust.

Secondly, the intelligentization of this piece of accident handling means that the rational optimization of the whole machine and the application of each intelligent component can reduce the probability of the corresponding accident failure and take the initiative to deal with all kinds of fault problems. So that it can no longer be presented at that time ironing machine often show the rough barbecue and pressure due to improper handling of the various types of security incidents, while the trouble with the investigation and the corresponding early warning equipment Allowing users to find the fault in the first time the corresponding point of failure, and then the corresponding solution. So that not only can effectively improve our work efficiency, but also reduce the probability of occurrence of the corresponding accident.

Was ironing machine itself and the application of the constraints of the environment, each ironing machine warm-up time are also different lengths, but in general, a qualified ironing machine, the warm-up time should be 10- 20 minutes or so. If your ironing machine overheating for more than 20 minutes, then you need to carefully consider the application of the ironing machine since the application is not a problem.

Second, said the heating method, the choice of steam pouring steam heating ironing machine once the steam pressure on the supply, then the preheat speed will be slightly faster than the traditional use of electric heating tube for heat heating of the ironing machine The And ultimately said that the ironing machine itself function, if a ironing machine roller selection of heat transfer fast, slow heat from the production of steel materials, then the preheating speed is higher than the choice of other types of raw materials roller Ironing machine.

Most of the time in order to ensure that we consume the legitimate rights and interests, to ensure that since the purchase of the quality of the machine and the quality of the transit did not show damage, are required to receive the goods when the user can be based on the following criteria to observe the hot Qualification of flat machine. How to check the ironing machine qualified?

1, see the ironing machine roller is not made of all-steel information, because as long as the whole steel roller can be achieved fast heat, heat the purpose of a good role.

2, open the side box to see the ironing machine and the inverter is not for the product specification marked in the same specification to ensure that the two parts of the normal compliance.

3, in the ambient temperature: (20 ± 5) ℃, relative humidity: (50 ± 10)%, the preheat 30min (to reach the heat balance). Steam pressure is maintained at (0.5 ± 0.05) MPa, the speed is adjusted to 1.5m / min, the application of cotton bleaching in the cloth, by the weft are (2112) yarn, made of 2mX3m standard test bed cloth about 50 , To view its practice ironing effect.

4, qualified ironing machine in the course of work is no sound and smooth operation, so in order to ensure the normal machine, we may wish to use the ears to listen to its operation is not a higher noise.

5, ironing machine in the normal work, hand to affect the maintenance of the lower edge of the baffle, ironing machine safety equipment should immediately cut off the power and stop rolling.