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Ironing Machine Use Tips

Apr 22, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standards, washing clothes to enhance the same time, after the washing of clothing is also very important, and this time ironing machine to achieve its role. Because ironing machine is a washing machine, belonging to the laundry ironing equipment. Its main components are generally single, two rollers (modern ironing machine may contain three rollers), the roller through the hand or electric rotation, to a certain temperature, when the wet clothing through the two rollers, you can remove a large number Of the water, and to achieve the effect of ironing. For the sheets, tablecloths, cloth and so on the rolling process. The washing machine is mainly used in the hotel, hospitals, factories and other personnel flow larger places, the usual large laundry is also a demand, the next Shanghai force will share the use of ironing machine tips.

First, keep the ironing machine clean and clean: to ensure that the ironing machine hot bath clean silver metallic luster. Any other color may be dirty clean grass, to bring the hidden trouble.

Second, waxing: most operators to ironing machine waxing is often not too much is the amount of insufficient. Experts say, often waxing, but enough is enough. Under normal circumstances, every 2-3 hours to wax once. If the wax is cool and soft, put the wax powder sprinkled; if the wax is hard, do not add wax powder.

Third, the neutral pH: keep the pH between 6-7. A low pH will cause the grass to rub a single roll and issue a "scream" sound.

Fourth, observe the ironing speed and feed speed: ironing speed and feeding the end of the type of grass is closely related. For example, small pieces of cloth, such as mouth cloth, can be at a speed of 30 feet per minute (about 9 m / min), but this can not be said that the same speed is also used.

Fifth, cloth grass moisture and hot tank temperature: ironing machine hot bath temperature lower, which means to be flattened in the grass water must also be less. If the hot bed temperature is only 270ºF (132ºC) or even lower, the linen is easy to card. The higher the temperature of the hot tank, the brushed grass can be more wet.

Sixth, the roller size: to regularly measure the circumference of the roller. When the circumference of the roller is lower than the minimum of the equipment manufacturer, this means that the production capacity of the ironing machine is basically reduced by 50%.

Third, the monitoring ironing machine linear speed: For all ironing machine, it is necessary to increase the linear speed of ironing machine (when the cloth through the ironing machine, the speed of the next roll is always faster than the previous roll ). Most of the old ironing machines have the same speed of all the rollers, so increasing the speed of the follower rollers is often achieved by increasing the thickness of the hot felt. The linear speed is critical when ironing the polyester linen. If the grass appears rubbing a single, then you should check the thickness of the hot carpet or roll speed.