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Ironing Technology Requirements

Apr 22, 2017

1. Quality and technical requirements

Ironing process to be "three good, seven anti":

(1) "Miyoshi": ironing temperature master, flat Ting good quality, the appearance of a good fold.

(2) "seven anti": anti-hot yellow, anti-hot coke, anti-discoloration, anti-hard, waterproof stains, anti-Aurora, impermeable plastic.

2. ironing notes

(1) color fabric in the ironing should be first sample iron, to prevent the occurrence of discoloration.

(2) to minimize the number of calories to prevent fabric durability.

(3) wrapped hot jacquard, floating long-length fabric, to prevent hook silk, pull hair, floating yarn and so on.

(4) pay attention to the impact of temperature on the fabric, the hygroscopicity, difficult to iron the fabric should be sprayed iron; can not be wet in the ironing of the fabric should be covered with wet cloth ironing.

(5) the temperature should be appropriate to prevent aurora and felting.

(6) ironing table to be flat, to avoid rugged, to cover the damp cloth, to prevent the light.

(7) the pressure should not be too large to prevent aurora.

(8) thin fabric humidity slightly lower, ironing time slightly longer, thick fabric humidity slightly higher.

3. Ironing process quality requirements

No. Part name Appearance Quality requirements Process technical requirements

1 fat belly plain clothes, fullness, natural

2 Shoulder Shoulder Should Be flat and symmetrical

3 door, broomless aurora flat, rounded, plump

4 side seam no suede is hard and straight, fullness

5 back no accessories are burned or crushed mellow, straight can not afford to lift

6 no head wrinkles, creases straight, not rigid

7 collar no deformation flat service has a round

8 sleeves without wrinkles, crease holes rounded beautiful, sleeved mountain fullness

9 chest no aurora, no wrinkles, creases flat service, clean, chest fullness

10 hip without wrinkles, crease flat service, clean, buttocks rounded