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New Grinding Machine In China

Apr 22, 2017

Recently, a "release of the JKMS8350 multifunctional servo CNC grinding equipment has attracted industry attention, the new grinder jointly developed by Jiangxi Jack Machine Co. Ltd and scientific research China city city will air power transportation technology center, to fill a gap in China's similar technology and equipment.

Previously, Chinese of City Science City air traffic center developed a compressed air energy engine, it can be used at night idle power of compressed air and stored, the formation of clean energy has zero pollution, low cost, recyclable etc., provide many possibilities for the atmospheric environment of the city the sewage emissions, improve city traffic. However, due to the limitation of technology and equipment, the special parts of this kind of engine can not be processed in batches, and the "JKMS8350 multi function CNC grinding machine" can effectively solve the key problems of flexible machining of key parts.

According to the director of the Institute of Jiangxi Academy of mechanical Ding Zhichao introduced the multifunctional 4 Motou 13 axis CNC servo CNC grinding machine, forming a special-shaped parts of the processed, effectively avoid the middle error, not only can finish grinding multi shaped surface requirements, also has the advantages of high speed, good rigidity of grinding wheel the meet grinding precision and improve the grinding efficiency, the new energy engine for mass production and laid a solid foundation.

China's high-speed CNC servo grinding technology and CNC grinder with high speed of a late start, because the core technology is not mastered, mainly dependent on imports, which makes our country in the military, aerospace, ships, large diesel engine industry equipment is costly and is seriously constrained by the people, the development of the new equipment is successful the industry opens a new window.

In the device identification committee recently held a group of experts, after discussion that the equipment has the international advanced level, the first will be multi shaped profile of composite grinding process on transverse and longitudinal follow-up grinding grinding combination, effectively solved with small curvature radius of cam shaft shaped international technical problems of high accuracy and high efficiency the working surface of the grinding process, from the micro manufacturing to Chinese embodies the powerful transformation made the Chinese.