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The Application And Construction Essentials Of The Reinforcement Cutting Shears

Dec 11, 2017

Steel bar is one of the main house and building materials. And the reinforcement cutting shears is a kind of tool used to shear steel bar. What types can it be divided into? What need to pay attention to when using the reinforcement cutting shears to ensure the cutting quality and cutting safety?

The reinforcement cutting shears is a kind of tool used to shear steel bar, there are fully automatic and semi - automatic. The former uses the electric energy through the motor into kinetic energy control cutting knife incision, to achieve the effect of shear reinforcement. And the latter is manually controlled incision, so as to carry out the operation of cutting steel bar.

When using the reinforcement cutting shears, it is required that the feeding table should be kept level with the lower part of the cutter, and the length of the table can be determined according to the length of the processing material. And before starting the machine, check to make sure that there is no crack in the cutter, the bolt of the cutter holder is fastened and the protective cover is firm.

Then turn the belt pulley of the reinforcement cutting shears by hand, check the gear engagement clearance and adjust the cutter clearance. First let the equipment running idle for a period of time, check the transmission parts and bearings running normally before operation. When cutting materials, use the cutting knife in the middle and lower parts, hold the steel aligning cutting edge and quickly put in. The operator should stand on one side of the fixed blade and press down the reinforcing bar, so as to prevent the end of the reinforcing bar from popping up and hurting people.

It is important to note that during the operation of the reinforcement cutting shears, it is strictly prohibited to use both hands on both sides of the blade to hold the steel and  bend over to feed. At the same time, it is not allowed to shear diameter and strength more than the steel bar cutting machine nameplate and burning red steel bar.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/