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The Available Equipment And Efficient Production Attention Points In The Square Billet Production Line

Nov 21, 2017

Only from literal meaning, the square billet production line refers to the production line which is used to produce the square billet. So its finished product is square billet, not other products. So, what do we have to know and understand about this production line in order to know and use it correctly? Now, come to the explanation and answer immediately, so that we can achieve the above purposes.

1.Some advanced techniques in the square billet production line

In the square billet production line, in order to provide the correct blank for the hot rolling line and to measure the square shape and size of the square billet produced by the continuous casting line, and ensure the accuracy of the size, so some measurement equipment or measuring technique can be used to achieve this purpose. In addition, some advanced technology can be used to make the continuous casting machine can be used in harsh environment.

2.The application of secondary heating square billet production line

In the square billet production line, in the heating part, if using the secondary heating square billet production line, then, it can control the whole heating process very well. At the same time, it can realize the computer automatic control, and display the number of heating in time.

3.The available equipment in the square billet production line

The available equipment ] in the square billet production line mainly includes square billet forging heating furnace, square billet induction heating equipment, square billet secondary heating, production equipment, rolling mill and other equipment.

The square billet induction heating equipment is generally used before the rolling mill, because the process is before the rolling process.  Heating the material before rolling can ensure the production quality of the square billet and avoid some quality problems.

4.The efficient production attention points in the square billet production line

If the square billet production line wants to achieve efficient production, it is necessary to pay attention to some specific matters when using the continuous caster: The pulling rate should be increased appropriately, but not too high. In the prevention of fault, there should be corresponding measures, so as to reduce the probability of failure, so as to improve the operation and efficiency of the equipment. In addition, in production, it needs to be safe, reliable and smooth to ensure the quality of finished products.