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The Comparison Between The Square Billet Production Line And Other Production Lines And The Formulation Of Process Regulations

Nov 30, 2017

The square billet production line is mainly used to produce and manufacture the blank for direct use or subsequent processing. Therefore, based on this, next, I will lead you to further acquaint with and understand this kind of production line. And at the same time, we can have a right and reasonable understand of the actual application of the production line,so as to obtain good economic benefit.

1. Is the square billet production line same as the steel ball rolling production line?

The square billet production line is not same as the steel ball rolling production line. The steel ball rolling production line is used to roll the steel balls. And their constitutions are different. The heating system of the steel ball rolling production line includes the induction heating power, furnace body cabinet, capacitor bank, heat transmission furnace body, pinch roller, link line of power supply furnace body, operation control console, infrared thermometer and PLC control system, etc.

2. The small-sized production line in the square billet production line

The small-sized production line in the square billet production line is more common and commonly used, so it is necessary to know and understand more about it. Because only in this way, we can use the production line well to achieve the desired purpose. And, it needs to be known that in the production line, the parameters should match reasonably, and at the same time, each unit should adopt a modular structure so that it can have a greater extend capability. Adjust the coordination of the production line so as to meet different requirements for use.

3. The formulation of process regulations in the square billet production line

In the square billet production line, the formulation of process regulations can be said an important work, which  can not be sloppy, otherwise, it will affect the smooth progress of the work. Therefore, the concrete steps mainly are the following:

1. Clearly know the annual production program and determine the production type.

2. Analyze the part drawing and product assembly drawing, and analyze the process of the parts.

3. Select the blank, and work out] a reasonable technics route.

4. The machining allowance, tolerance, and the equipment, tools, fixtures and measuring tools are determined. And determine whether it is necessary to use some auxiliary tools at the same time.

5. Determine the man-hour quota, technical requirements and inspection methods of the main process, and fill in some relevant process documents.

4. Is the forging process suitable for the square billet production line?

From a professional point of view, forging process is not suitable for the square billet production line. Because the forging is to use the forging press machine to  exert pressure on the metal blank, and at the same time, make it  produce plastic deformation, so as to obtain the finished product or work piece with a certain shape and size, and mechanical properties.