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The Design And Performance Optimization Method Of The Die Forging Machine

Dec 02, 2017

Usually, before the optimization of the die forging machine, the variable design needs to be completed first, in fact, according to the different optimization objects to determine different design variables. After the analysis can determine the appropriate design variables, then to determine the corresponding objective function. In fact, the goal of the optimization of die forging machine is to further improve the accuracy of the machine tool.

At the same time, the stress of forging machine can be reduced as much as possible on the basis of the allowable stress of material. Generally speaking, the longitudinal bending degree and the transverse bending degree of the crossbeam are important parameters to measure the quality of the machine tool, so when determining the objective function, we need to focus on these two basic parameters.

This is because in the guarantee of the die forging machine accuracy meeting the production requirements, the appropriate reduction of the total quality of the machine tool can not only improve the stability of the whole system, but also enhance the durability of the machine tool, and extend the service life. At the same time, the cost of materials can be reduced.

Therefore, in the optimization design, in fact, the total quality of the die forging machine is also a very key factor. Usually in the setting of genetic operator parameters, the MATLAB toolbox of the default fitness scale function rank is used as the fitness proportion parameter.

In other words, when the system optimization design of the die forging machine is studied, an integrated optimization design platform is also formed. In this way, it provides a good environment condition for the design optimization of the equipment. We can coordinate management of parametric model base, analysis and calculation system and parameter optimization system through the adjustment of this system.

In a word, after such calculation and analysis, not only can effectively improve the use performance of the die forging machine, but also help to improve its stability and reliability in the practical application.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/