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The Difference Between Square Billet Finishing Line And Production Line And The Finishing Ability Of The Square Billet Finishing Line

Jan 11, 2018

The square billet finishing line is mainly used for the finishing work of square billet, that’s why it has this specific name.If you want to knowing and understanding in this finishing line comprehensive and specific, you can't leave out any of the main points of knowledge about it.So let’s continue to study it as well , then we can meet the above requirements as soon as possible.

1. Is the square billet finishing line the same as the square billet production line?

The square billet finishing line and the square billet production line are different, they can be both together also separately.However, in general, the square billet finishing line is included in the the square billet production line.Because the square billet production line includes the production,manufacture and the finishing process of the square billet to get the finished product--square billet.

2. Can the finishing ability of square billet finishing line improve?

The finishing ability of the square billet finishing line could be improved further, and the improvement of the finishing ability can effectively improve the total production capacity of the production line by about 40%.Therefore, it is necessary to improve through some concrete measures.

3. Can you use the square billet finishing line to finish the steel rolling?

The square billet finishing line can be used to finish the steel rolling, and it could has good effect.There are some necessary steps such as cooling, coil collection, shunt winding, performance test, packing, weighing, packing and weighing, etc.

4. Whether the small square billet can be finished with the square billet finishing line after the initial rolling?

After the initial rolling, the small square billet needs to undergo these steps, such as cropping of front and back ends and surface cleaning, etc.then the trimming, multi-pass straightening and pinch pass rolling operation can be carried out before the finished product is processed.Therefore, the small square billet can be used to complete the above steps and processes with the square billet finishing line.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/