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The Finishing And Conveying Equipment And Requirements For Inner Wall Of The Steel Pipe

Nov 23, 2017

The steel pipe finishing equipment, literally, is a machine for finishing the steel pipe inside and outside. So, for this kind of equipment, the following will continue its study and understanding, so that we can master its professional knowledge, and can have the correct and reasonable use, to obtain the proper use effect.

1. The finishing on inner wall of the steel pipe

The inner wall of the steel pipe is the same as the outer surface of the steel pipe, and it can be finished. Therefore, some finishing equipment corresponding to it should be used, namely, the finishing equipment for the steel pipe, such as the finishing machine for the inner wall of the steel pipe, or the finishing tool for the inner wall of the steel pipe. From the attribute, all belong to the mechanical processing tools or equipment.

2. The prefinishing area of the steel pipe finishing and the longitudinal conveying equipment of the finishing line 

The finishing of the prefinishing area in the steel pipe finishing will mainly uses the stretch-reducing mill, cooling bed and so on. The steel pipe passes through the stretch-reducing mill first, and then enters the cooling bed for cooling. The cooling temperature is required to be less than 100℃.

The longitudinal conveying equipment in the finishing line is also a very important equipment, so it can not be ignored. In particular, there are steel pipe row travelling roller table and single v-shaped  travelling roller table. As to choose which kind, it is determined by the actual situation and the use requirements.

3. Examples of specific equipment for steel pipe finishing line

There are many steel pipe finishing equipment in the steel pipe finishing line, including heading machine, cold reduction mill, straightener, wrapping machine, pipe cutting machine, passing detection equipment, ash removal equipment, etc. In addition, if necessary, there is stacking apparatus. These are also more common and commonly used equipment.

4. The automatic control of finishing transmission system of the steel pipe production line

To realize the automation control of the finishing transmission system of the steel pipe production line, it is not difficult from a professional point of view. Moreover, the steel pipe finishing equipment mainly uses the PLC control, with the frequency converter as the execution equipment, so as to achieve the purpose, and have good transportation effect at the same time.