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The Main Equipment And Straightening Process Of The Steel Pipe Finishing Line

Jan 25, 2018

The steel pipe finishing equipment is the equipment for finishing the steel pipe, and the purpose of these equipment is to perform the finishing operation of the steel pipe, so as to achieve the desired effect.These is worth for us to learn, understand and grasp, because it can be for the use of knowledge, and then play its real value and at the same time want in steel pipe on the finishing operations of the desired effect.

1. Is there a process or procedure for the seamless steel pipe to be finishing on hot or cold rolling?

Seamless steel pipe this kind of steel pipe which is used hot rolling also cold rolling.If it is hot rolled, it can be hot finishing, if it is cold rolling ,then should be cold finishing.Either way, the steel pipe finishing equipment is used, except in operating temperature.

2. Is it difficult to use steel pipe finishing equipment on high speed rolling line?Besides, is there any host equipment for the steel tube finishing line?

It is not very difficult to use steel pipe finishing equipment on high speed rolling line, because the operation of the equipment is not difficult to understand and master.The steel pipe finishing line is equipped with cold bed, pipe layer saw machine and so on.Among them, the pipe layer saw machine is made up of saw bed base, pipe clamping device, saw transmission device and saw blade.

3. Is there any difference between steel tube finishing process and special steel pipe?

The steel pipe finishing process is to be carried out for all steel pipes, it will be used for the steel pipe finishing equipment.And all the steel pipes like cutting head, inspection, grinding, weighing, painting, printing and packing are all necessary.Some special steel pipes may also be used for surface spraying, mechanical processing and anti-corrosion treatment, so it is more complicated than ordinary steel pipe.

4. Which kind of steel pipe finishing equipment is used for steel pipe straightening?What are the main reasons for the problem?

Steel pipe straightener is kind if steel pipe finishing machine which is used for steel pipe straightening.If the steel pipe has problems in straightening process, it is mainly related to the machine type, pore type and steel pipe characteristics.Therefore, these aspects should be strictly controlled so as to avoid defects.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/