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The Main Use And Composition Of Large Die Forging Machine

Nov 15, 2017

Do you know what a large die forging machine is? According to the current application situation, the so-called large die forging machine, in fact, refers to the multifunctional heavy die forging hydraulic press which is mainly used to meet the military demand, and can also be used for civil use. In general, the device has the function of vertical die forging, horizontal forging and vertical short range extrusion.

According to the actual use, in fact, the large die forging machine can be divided into two types. One is general type, and the other is multiple-ram forging with perforated cylinder and horizontal cylinder.

a perforated cylinder, forging. If it is classified according to the frame structure, it can be divided into three types: prestressed steel wire (belt) winding type, plate frame combined type and prestressed reinforced concrete structure.

Next,let’s understand the main structure of the large die forging machine. From the whole, the equipment mainly includes four parts, including basic machine, hydraulic drive, detection and control and operating system. The basic machine is mainly composed of the bearing frame, movable crossbeam, working cylinder, working table, liftout attachment and basic parts. The hydraulic drive is mainly composed of main pump, accumulator and various kinds of valves.

In general, the detection and control system of large die forging machine mainly includes position detection sensory control system, pressure detection sensory protection system and moving beam balanced sensory control system. In addition, the operating system of the equipment is mainly composed of various valves.

In practical application, we can mainly use large die forging machines to produce various aviation and gas, flue gas turbine expander forgings, and also can be used to process large marine die forgings, power plant large die forgings. It can also be used for processing nuclear power, pressure vessel forgings and other types of civil product forging, and so on.