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The Man-machine Interface System And Software Programming Content Of The Die Forging Machine

Nov 09, 2017

I believe that the users have also found, in fact, the operation box next to the machine will also be equipped with a corresponding touch screen. This touch screen system is actually the man-machine interface system, which is mainly used to help operators set the process parameters of the unit production, and can also monitor and diagnose the operation status of the equipment.

Usually, the touch screen can display a lot of different pictures, such as the picture that it can display includes: main monitoring screen of hot die forging machine, production process parameters input screen, crankshaft corner screen, adjustment mode screen, fault display screen, fault classification screen, temperature display screen, single mode screen, hudrodynamic lubrication screen, switch mode screen, and so on.

In short, in fact, this whole system also has the functions of data acquisition, monitoring and control automation process. In addition, the Chinese operating system is specially added, so the staff can operate the hot die forging machine according to the whole Chinese operation screen in the process, thus providing great convenience for the use and maintenance.

In addition, in the electrical control system of the hot die forging machine, there are some programming content. Normally, the program function block includes the main motor control, brake and clutch control, transducer check, accident alarm, lubrication station control, forge piece and trip count, fault detection, control input, hydraulic station control, thin oil lubrication station control, closed height adjustment and bottom material control, temperature resistance and other analog, top material data and digital readout, etc.

In addition, if the die forging machine is required to be used in conjunction with other equipment, it can be done through data exchange. For example, a hot die forging is connected with the machine hand to complete the forging of the workpiece, so we can connect the controller of the machine hand through the PROFIBUS and PLC system, through the bus communication to complete the data exchange.