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The Optimization Design Of Finite Element Structure Of The Die Forging Machine Lathe Bed

Nov 25, 2017

The lathe bed is the workpiece which is used to support each parts during the operation of the die forging machine, so the dynamic nature of its structure will directly affect the machining precision, precision stability and production efficiency of the die forging machine. At present, in the design of the lathe bed structure, the main use is the combination of traditional material  simplified mechanical calculation and experience design.

In general, if you want to make the lathe bed with high efficiency and high precision running ability, you need to make it have enough static stiffness and good dynamic characteristics. In the optimization design of the lathe bed structure of the die forging machine, the finite element method can be used to optimize the design.

In this way, the lathe bed of the die forging machine can have optimized multiobjective optimization. On the one hand, it can obviously improve its stiffness and vibration resistance, and reduce the deformation. On the other hand, it can reduce the weight of the lathe bed. In addition, in the process of analysis, through the improvement of its structure, it can achieve the purpose of reducing the cost and improving the benefit.

In the optimization design, first, choose the suitable design scheme of the die forging machine lathe bed. The static and dynamic characteristics of the lathe bed have a great relationship with its structure size, shape and the layout of the ribbed slab. Therefore, in the case of ensuring the lathe bed size meets the requirements, it also needs to ensure the assembly effect of the whole machine.

Then we can combine the specific situation, design a number of schemes, and then research and analyze it, choose the best results from them. When selecting the the scheme, the lathe bed structure should be analyzed with finite element method. Usually, the die forging machine is often subjected to a variety of forces in the process of forging parts.

In addition, in the optimization design of the lathe bed structure of the die forging machine, the key is how to choose the appropriate optimization objectives and design variables, which is the most important for the optimization design of the die forging machine lathe bed. After the optimization is completed, the results are verified.