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The Production Equipment Of The Finished Product Of The Rolling Mill And Which Equipment Can Be Used For The Finishing Of The Steel Tube

Dec 21, 2017

The understanding of steel tube finishing equipment must be comprehensive and specific. Because if it is not, the correct and reasonable use of the steel finishing equipment can not be achieved, and the effect of finishing equipment is not guaranteed. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose above, we will carry out the study of the steel tube finishing equipment, and its specific content is as follows.

1.What equipment will be used for the finished product In a rolling mill?

There are a lot of finished products in the rolling mill, such as wire rod, bar, profile, plate etc.. But no matter which one, some devices will be used, such as heating furnace, rolling mill, steel tube finishing equipment, shearing equipment, collecting equipment and so on. So, they are all essential equipment.

2.Will the steel tube finishing equipment be used in both hot rolling and cold drawing?

Hot rolling and cold drawing are two common processes, and the specific process is:

Hot rolling: round billet--- heating--- perforation--- three-roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion--- extracting mil--- tube sizing and reducing--- cooling--- blank tube--- straightening--- water pressure testing or flaw detection--- sign--- storage

Cold drawing: round billet--- heating--- perforation--- heading--- anneal--- acid pickling--- grease--- multipass cold drawing--- blank tube--- heat treatment--- straightening--- water pressure--- sign--- storage

3.Generally speaking, which one does the cooling and finishing of the steel pipe first carry on? In addition, is it necessary to use the finishing equipment for the composite steel pipe?

From a professional point of view, the cooling and finishing of the steel pipe is cooling first and then finishing. Therefore, it is necessary to use the finishing equipment of the steel tube.

The composite pipe is one kind of steel pipe, in the use of equipment, there is wear tube machine, pipe machine, finishing machine, some passivation and code packaging equipment. And the finishing machine belongs to the finishing equipment of steel tube. So the use of pipe finishing equipment is very necessary, and can not be missed.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/