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The Properties Of CNC Elbow Boring Machine And Its Operating Procedures

Jan 20, 2018

CNC elbow boring machine is a kind of boring machine in essence, which is a kind of boring machine with nc system, or numerical control technology.Therefore, in order to be able to use the equipment correctly and properly in the actual work, the following information will be provided to explain the relevant knowledge, so as to achieve the above objectives through learning.

1. What is CNC boring machine?What is the numerical control elbow boring machine property?

The specific definition of CNC boring machine is: boring tool rotation is the main movement, boring tool or work piece move into the boring machine of movement.Therefore, this equipment is mainly used for machining holes or the finishing of multiple holes.In addition, it can also carry out other processing related to hole finishing.If different tools and accessories are used, drilling, milling and other processing can also be carried out.

CNC elbow boring machine is a kind of boring machine, and it can be divided into numerical control boring machine.So it belongs to the numerical control boring machine on the property.

2. Operation procedure of CNC elbow boring machine

The operating procedures of CNC elbow boring machine are as follows:

(1) the operator of the CNC elbow boring machine shall comply with the safety operating procedures of the milling and boring workers, and shall wear the labor protective equipment according to the regulations before work.

(2) Equipment before you start work to make some necessary inspection work, basically be to see its operating lever, switch, knob, and some important institutions and parts is in the correct position, and whether to use normal and flexible and reliable operation, and equipment of the safety equipment is complete and reliable.

(3) check whether there are any obstacles in the effective operation range of the CNC elbow boring machine. If so, clean it in time.

(4) If the weight of the work piece is relatively large, suitable lifting equipment should be used in the loading and unloading process, and suitable hoisting method should be adopted to avoid the danger or accident when the work piece falls off.

(5) The tool on the CNC elbow boring machine is an important part, and when replacing the new tool, the machine should be stopped to check and confirm that everything is ok before the work can be done.In addition, the operating personnel of the equipment can not touch its operation and moving parts, and can not leave the job without authorization.Once the machine is in trouble, stop immediately and deal with it.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/