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The Safety Production Operation Instructions On The Gear Chamfering Machine

Nov 04, 2017

In the actual work, we often need to use the gear chamfering machine to remove the burrs on the gear parts, so that the appearance quality can meet the standard requirements. So, in the operation process, how to ensure the safe production to complete the production work smoothly?

I believe that many users are more concerned about this issue. It is known that in the production work, only the safety issue in the first can ensure the smooth production. Therefore, in the operating process of the gear chamfering machine, we must also pay attention to operating according to the requirements. First, operators must undergo professional training before they go on duty and can work only after the examination is passed.

Before operating the equipment, the staff needs to wear appropriate protective equipment. After careful inspection of the specific conditions of the gear chamfering machine, and confirm that there is no problem, the equipment can be turned on. Then run for a moment without load and observe the running state. In short, in the operation process, the process requirements must be strictly enforced.

When it is confirmed that everything is normal, you can start the formal work. At this point, it must be noted that the loading operation is normal. Usually when the steel pipe enters, the two selective headstocks need to be kept at a proper distance. During the operation of the gear chamfering machine, the staff should pay attention to the actual processing conditions.

During the daily work, the staff should pay attention to the tightening of the tool bit of the gear chamfering machine. In fact, in order to further enhance the use performance and appearance quality of the product, it is necessary to ensure that the used edge fillet meet the technical requirements. In this process, the factors such as production efficiency, production cost and equipment feasibility should be considered comprehensively.