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The Structural Design Characteristics Of The Plain-end Chamfering Machine

Nov 11, 2017

In the production process, due to the need to pass many different processing procedures before and after, the steel pipe will produce certain plastic deformation. At the same time, due to the existence of deformation, it is likely to cause the error of outside diameter and uneven wall thickness. In order to improve the processing quality of steel pipe, it is necessary to use the plain-end chamfering machine equipment to finish the finishing, so that the quality of the steel pipe can meet the production requirements.

With the continuous improvement of production level, the performance and production efficiency requirements of the plain-end chamfering machine are higher and higher. Therefore, in order to further improve the production efficiency and automation level of the equipment, computer control technology can be used in electrical control and programmable controller PLC technology to form an integrated automation system of machine, electricity and liquid.

So far, the chamfering machine has been used in production for a long time. In this process, there are many technical personnel continue to summarize experience and improve, thus solving a lot of technical difficulties that hinder the application of chamfering equipment. From the structure characteristics of the equipment, the current feed system is usually using electro-hydraulic servo system or motor servo system.

In practical application, because the system is easy to maintain, and the noise generated in the transmission process is relatively small, it has won more and more users recognition in the application. In addition, the electro-hydraulic servo system has many advantages, and the servo system can be combined with computer technology, so as to achieve greater flexibility and adaptability.

In short, in the past production work, we can accumulate more experience continuously, and further improve the performance of the new chamfering machine through these methods. These measures have great help to improve the design, so that the new chamfering machine can have higher machining accuracy and greater processing capacity.