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What Are The Precautions For Grinding Machine Maintenance?

Apr 22, 2017

At present a large number of enterprises in the purchase of the machine, the first concern is the performance and price, when the machine began to enter the factory processing. Forget something important "machine tool maintenance", it can do a comparison, everyone in the purchase of vehicles, due to concerns of life safety, so in a vehicle to maintenance and you will make a timely maintenance, but the machine to make profits for the company and to ensure the maintenance period lack of necessary maintenance, in this case the machine is easy to appear more fault, enterprises complain or blame for production. In this regard, China machine tool business network Xiaobian specially consulted the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Zhong Machinery Co., Ltd., he put forward the following recommendations for machine maintenance:

When the machine tool is installed in the factory:

The bearing capacity of the ground floor of the machine and the running time of the machine, such as ground load is not enough, will affect the accuracy of the machine tool run off;

Hydraulic oil and lubricant oil, and must use the new oil, the old oil has impurities, easy to plug the smooth tube, the effects of wear speed and guide the machine, resulting in machine tools, precision lost. Hydraulic oil use 32# or 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, lubricating rail oil using 46# rail oil, pay attention to the type of grinding machine, ready enough oil;

The electric power line matching, such as wire carefully will hot wire, heavy load, causing short circuit tripping, electricity production factory;

When the machine tool is in place, it is necessary to ensure that the unloading equipment has enough bearing capacity, enough space for the machine to move, and the collision of the machine tool and the safety of the personnel can not be caused.

When the machine is ready for processing:

The grinding machine is installed in place to check whether the oil pipes, wires and water pipes are locked;

When the transmission parts of the grinding machine are turned on, please use the manual test machine to ensure that the transmission of each part has been opened;

Please pay attention to the main axis of the grinding machine, such as the reverse operation is easy to cause the wheel flange loose affect the accuracy of the spindle;

The grinding wheel is matched with the processing material, the grinding wheel is only a tool of the machine tool processing;

The balance of the grinding wheel, now many enterprises do not understand the balance of the grinding wheel, long-term use will exacerbate the damage of the spindle;

Machine tool grinding:

1, check whether the workpiece adsorption or clamping firmly, the distance between the wheel and the workpiece

2, the transmission parts of the operating speed and processing of feed observation, to prevent accidental discovery

3, workpiece turnover or shift after grinding, to clean up the disk and workpiece surface adsorption, but the use of air pressure gun cleaning air tight, easy to dust or mist topressure rail blowing machine, resulting in rail wear

4, boot sequence magnetic disk suction, oil pressure, grinding wheel, open stop valve, water pump, shutdown sequence is open stop valve, water pump, oil pressure, spindle, disk demagnetization.

Four, regular maintenance of machine tools:

1, before the work of the grinder bench and the surrounding waste sorting, observe whether there is oil leakage around the grinder

2, check the weekly grinder lubrication point, such as too much is too small to adjust according to the quantity of oil indicator adjustment, remove the wheel flange of spindle nose flange surface, the inner conical surface antirust processing, prevent too long shaft and flange rust

3, every 15-20 days for the machine cooling water tank cleaning, replacement of lubricating oil machine guide every 3-6 months, please replace the rail when the filter cleaning lubricating oil tank and oil pump, every 1 years to replace the hydraulic oil to the fuel tank and filter cleaning

4, grinding machine idle more than 2-3 days or less, should clean up the working table dry rust proof oil, in order to prevent the table rust. The above is the personal recommendations for machine maintenance, please do not cover matters. Look new and old customers to our great help to improve.