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Whether The Process From Slab To Square Billet Refer To Finishing Line And Whether The Shearing Machine Is Available In The Process?

Jan 30, 2018

Square billet finishing line should be able to be seen and used in industrial production, because it is on the square billet production line, it is mainly used for finishing operation, so it is called square billet finishing line.And it also includes a series of process rather than a single process, so it is necessary to have a good understanding, such ability in practice to gain good sizing effect in billet and finishing quality.

1. Is there any heat treatment or hot delivery and hot charging  process on the square billet finishing line?

There is no heat treatment in the square billet  finishing line, because it is in the manufacturing process of the billet, rather than in the finishing operation of the square billet.However, the hot delivery and hot charging  process is available, but it is not necessary. Whether it needs to be done depends on the actual situation and the use of finished products.

2. Will the hot rolling of square billet be used for the square billet finishing line?

The hot rolling of square billet is specifically the rolling operation of steel plate at a certain temperature.Due to its small deformation resistance, it can have a large deformation amount.So you can tell by this point that it's not going to use the square billet finishing line, it's going to use the mill and so on.If the steel plate is used as an example, the thickness of rough rolled and fine rolled steel plate is within the range of 1-20mm.

3. What is the process from slab to square billet?In addition, is the disc shears available?

From the slab to takes through the process of billet is roughing for heating, roughing mill and finishing mill finishing, is a billet of the finishing line after finishing homework, including flat, straightening, transverse or longitudinal cutting, inspection, weighing, packaging, etc. These steps or process to get the billet the finished product.The disc shears are available for use, mainly for cutting.

4. Will square billet finishing line could be used in this process of cold drawn copper wire become a wire?

Will square billet finishing line could be used in this process of cold drawn copper wire become a wire?If it is from a professional point of view, it is not necessary to use the square billet finishing line, because it does not apply.And the finished product of the square billet is the billet, not the wire.However, it is used for other finishing work lines,which also has the finishing of this operation.