Crimping And Swaging Machines

Crimping And Swaging Machines
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Crimping and Swaging Machines Introduction

The machine is the special product before pipe drawing. It can be hot beating and cold beating.

It is best used for thick pipe’s pointing, the model is forging type swaging that could most save the materials with the principle of forging extension of metal materials, compared with the same length and specifications of extrusion head operation and rolling head operation.

After swaging, the head is the small hollow cylinder which has the same center with the pipe, the through hole in the middle is easy for pickling the in wall, and the head’s strength is high, the jaw clamping is well

The pointing rhythm is fast, about 5-10s/per time

It can perform to point the head of pipe which the diameter is less than or equal to Φ170(130)mm after straightening, also can designed suit to user’s requirement

The capacity of swaging: 35T, 60T, 80T, 100T .

Pressing forging machine.jpg

Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters

1.Grinding Scope, Bar External Diameter: φ200mm~φ700mm

2.One time Grinding Quantity: 0.5mm~2mm (Abrasive Grinding)

3.Speed of Travel: 0~30m/min (Frequency Control of Motor Speed)

Our Advantage

This machine is used for grinding the oxide skin and the flaw on surface of steel pipe to reach meet surface quality requirement of customer. Then we can improve the economic benefit of company. This machine can do the steel pipe surface skin peeling off grinding in a full-automatic way controlled by PLC, with easy operation and convenient maintenance


Q: what's the advantages of your products?

A:The equipment  is featured with energy saving and simple operational procedure,could reduce labor costs.Besides, the real-time display and recording are available in the touch screen to guarantee the traceability of the date.

Q: How can we get the best price?

A:The prices are determined by the product specifications, and product specifications are based on the needs of users. We guarantee  to offer the most competitive prices in the same specifications.

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