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Billet Grinding Machine

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1. Purpose

This machine is mainly used for the whole or part grinding of the flaw and oxide skin on surface of steel billet to improve the surface quality of steel billet. This machine can finish the whole peeling, corner grinding and part grinding, providing guarantee for the next process, so as to improve the surface quality and then increase the economic benefit of company.

This machine can do the full-automatic skin peeling off grinding and manual control point grinding, etc. of the steel surface controlled by PLC, with easy operation and convenient maintenance.

2.Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters (They are different according to the requests of users.)

Maximum Grinding Length: 11.6m

Maximum Traversing Range of Grinding Wheel: 600mm, Lifting Distance: 300mm

Lift Cylinder Speed Rate: 70mm/s

Translation Hydro-cylinder Rate: 70mm/s

Grinding Pressure Max.: 11000N

Material Reversing Hydro-cylinder Rate: 30mm/s

Grip Hydro-cylinder Rate: 30mm/s

Dirt Catcher Filter Area: 90 m2, Purification Efficiency: 99~99.5%

Square-flat Steel Grinding Machine

Square-flat Steel Grinding Machine.jpg

1. Purpose

This machine is mainly used for grinding the elongated billet (including the rectangle billet) through continuous casting or rolling and also it can do the cleaning work of whole surface peeling off grinding and the point grinding. Furthermore, it can do the whole surface peeling off grinding of major diameter round bar steel (billet).

It can effectively grind off the small surface flaw generated in the process of continuous casting or hot rolling of square and slab billet to improve the surface quality of steel billet and meet the need of subsequent process and increase the economic benefit of enterprise.

2. Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters (Theare different according to the requests of users.)

This machine is fit for grinding the square and round billet of high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, spring steel, bearing steel, anchor chain steel, high speed tool steel, etc.

Specification Scope of Billet: Square Billet: Section∮80-500

Slab Billet: Width 500, Length Ratio: 1:5

Length: 1000-5000

Grinding Linear Velocity: V= 80 m/s (Constant Linear Speed)

Maximum Grinding Quantity: 11mm

Maximum Grinding Pressure: 9500 N

3. Awarded Honor:

This machine was identified as “Jiangsu Province High and New Technology Product” in 2008.

4. Number of National Patent: ZL 2007 2 0038510.3  ZL 2007 2 0038511.8

Square-round Steel Grinding Machine


1. Purpose

This grinding machine group can finish the automatic grinding of square billet and round billet without changing the grinding trolley.

2. Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters (They are different according to the requests of users.)

Major Steel Type: Various high quality carbon structure steels and alloy steels

Billet Specification: Square Billet: 150×150 mm~240×240mm, Round Billet: Φ150~230 mm, Length: 5~ 9m

Maximum Single Weight of Square Billet: 4.2t

Billet Curvature:

Billet Lengthways Curvature: 10mm/m

Whole Billet Curvature: ±120mm (Square Billet) Sinusoidal Disorder Bending ( Specification: Manual Grinding of the Large Curvature Billet)

Grinding Quantity (Single-pass): 0.2~2.0mm (Adjustable)

Surface Roughness after Grinding: ≤Ra 50

Grinding Ability: >50,000 tons, Maximum Ability of about 100,000 tons.

The grinding machine can do the full-automatic grinding and point grinding.

Dust-extraction Way: Flow Sinking Current Pulse Filter Cartridge Dirt Catcher, Dust Emission Concentration ≤25mg/m3.


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A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

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Q:What about the after-sale services?

A:We provide 12 months quality warranty after dispatch. We also offer long-time technical advisory services.

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A:We can take any type of transpotation according to the customer's demand.

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A:Yuanfang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China. It is founded in 2006, covering an area of about 40,000 m2 with a gross investment of 120 million RMB. Yuanfang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise majoring in designing, manufacturing and selling large metallurgical, environment friendly and non-standard equipments. It is also a professional manufacturer in finishing and grinding series equipments applied on the subsequent processes after steel producing. The company passed the ISO9001 international quality certification in 2007. In 2009, it was identified as the “High and New Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”. In the year of 2010, it passed the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification.   

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