Multi Wheels Grinding Machine

Multi Wheels Grinding Machine
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Multiwheels Grinding Machine Introduction

The external of steel pipe is used of 6 grinding wheels to grind and 3 steel grinding belts to polish. Surface roughness reaches Ra1.6 - 3.2.

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Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters

This machine is fit for grinding the square and round billet of high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, spring steel, bearing steel, anchor chain steel, high speed tool steel, etc.

Specification Scope of Billet: Square Billet: Section∮80-500

Slab Billet: Width 500, Length Ratio: 1:5

Length: 1000-5000

Grinding Linear Velocity: V= 80 m/s (Constant Linear Speed)

Maximum Grinding Quantity: 11mm

Maximum Grinding Pressure: 9500 N

Our Advantage

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Q: what's the advantages of your products?

A:The equipment is featured with energy saving and simple operational procedure,could reduce labor costs.Besides, the real-time display and recording are available in the touch screen to guarantee the traceability of the date.

Q: How can we get the best price?

A:The prices are determined by the product specifications, and product specifications are based on the needs of users. We guarantee to offer the most competitive prices in the same specifications.

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