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In ancient time, Chinese people use "Gui" to make a circle and "Ju" to make a square, so "Gui Ju" also means rules to us. “Fangyuan” has an other meaning that is achievement. Only if we follow the rule could we find the achievement. Since FangYuan been founded, we always go after "Gui Ju" strictly. In this way, Yuan Fang keeps improving itself by unremittingly innovation. We believe she will have a more mightiness power for enterprise development by the sediment of enterprise culture.

The time of 25 years saw the hardwork and achievement of Yuanfang and also will be the foundation of soar and glory in her future. Facing a new start, the wave of globalization, we are convinced of the important of unremittingly innovation. If we wanna be a better one, we must keep moving. In the future, we will apply a bran-new attitude and globalized mentality to meet opportunities and challenges.

Yuan Fang would like to have a cooperation with every one of noble aspirations, sharing the joy of success, climbing the peak of enterprise together, marching toward a better tomorrow hand in hand!